Who We Are

About Us

Mason County is in the center of most of the major markets in the United States: Industrial, Commercial and Retail Development. Mason County is located at the beautiful confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, this is half-way between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. We have all the transportation options; Rail, Water and Highway. We also have skilled labor force, low utility rates, great industrial and business sites (WV’s best major industrial site up to 1,400 acres). All this with outstanding higher education and quality of life.

Mason county is certified as an aerospace community.

Our Mission

To stimulate and promote the expansion of all kinds of business and industrial activity which will tend to advance business and industrial development and maintain the economic stability of the county, provide maximum opportunities for employment, encourage thrift, and improve the standard of living of the citizens of the county; to cooperate and act in conjunction with other organizations, federal, state or local, in the agricultural, and recreational developments within the county.

Empowerment Zones/Opportunity Zone