Lowe Hotel

The historic Lowe Hotel is located in the heart of the Point Pleasant Historic District at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets. Its grand structure was built in 1901 and originally named the Spencer Hotel in honor of J.S. Spencer. Then operated by two brothers, Homer and Griff Smith, the hotel was purchased by the Lowe family in 1929 after the stock market crash and renamed the Lowe Hotel.

Opening: 1904 as the Spencer Hotel, then as the Lowe Hotel in 1929

Address: 1116, 401 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550

Phone: 304-675-2260

After being built the hotel was named after a local lawyer who was the main financial supporter of the build. The hotel was built to accommodate the heavy river traffic that passed through Point Pleasant, WV. The smiths owned the hotel until 1929 when it was sold to Homer D. Lowe. Not only did he change the name, but he traded out the prostitution and gambling and put in room for civic and church groups. Later he would pass the hotel to his son Homer Lowe Jr. who sold his hotel in 1990.

Many of the hanging art in the rooms are on loan from local artist. The hotel also displays local art in its gallery. The current owners renovated this first-floor space, once a department store, into an art gallery for local West Virginia and Ohio artist.

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