Appalachian Railcar Services Inc.

Appalachian Railcar Services(ARS) is a multi-disciplinary rail service organization serving customers throughout the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest regions. They approach the rail industry head on, understanding the pitfalls that accompany dependency on a single contract or line of work. ARS acknowledges the importance of diversity in today’s competitive environment.

ARS offers an assortment of services that include railcar maintenance and repair, short line railroad operations, coal loading and unloading, track maintenance, fleet management, and brokerage services.

Founded: 2000

Address: PO Box 800, Eleanor, WV 25070

Phone: 304-755-7083

Fax: 304-755-7084

To be the most trusted, reliable multi-disciplinary railcar service provider across America. (Mission Statement)

ARS Management Teams have been established along with a Direct Chain of Command. By identifying and employing excellent Department Managers, ARS has created the right environment to get the job done. Our most experienced Technical Repair Employees work as leaders in the field, and report directly to the Facility Managers.

New York, New York. March 2, 2017 — GenNx360 Capital Partners (“GenNx360”), a New York-based private equity firm investing in middle market companies, today announced its investment in Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc. (“ARS” or the “Company”).

Eleanor, WV, September 30, 2015 — Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc. (“ARS”) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, ARS Nebraska, LLC, has acquired all of FreightCar

America, Inc.’s railcar repair and maintenance services business.

August 22, 2013 — Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc., is proud to announce that our Point Pleasant, WV facility has received M1003 certification. Point Pleasant is the fifth ARS facility now with M1003 certification.

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